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Something I did for my friend’s BD the other day, for the lovely ayaalhajri!

take out my credit and I’ll hunt you down

latest jojo arts from my twitter and instagram

Kakyoin can head tilt too /wth I swear I was laughing when I started drawing this/

A bonus and special request art for the dear yakitoris ♡!

Have a weirdly colored Kakyoin as an update 


I wanted to ink this but not while my hand’s still hurting. I don’t want to ruin it, maybe I’ll use another paper for inking if I got the time. This is my original character, Sr. Hungry, from LalaLands.


At first I didn’t like Gappy


surface as Josuke? late night practice whatever I was trying different stuff on this, no good aaah good night zzz


Yesterday my brother asked me why I stopped drawing portraits, I told him I didn’t see any face I want to draw yet, the whole night I kept thinking about it and while organizing my books I took out some books to read, and one with the title “national geographic greatest portraits”. while looking at the pictures I thought “how would my lines look like if I draw a portrait now?” so I started drawing one of the portraits, slowly … then nah I want to finish this or I’ll toss it whatever. I kept scribbling and kids started to get noisy around me. Dude I hate how she stares with her eyes, let me change some of her facial expression and make her innocent 👶…. not sure if I succeeded but anyway.. long time no portraits.

Graven the demon. (original character)
photo by phone _~_

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