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Jojo 60 min hairstyles prompt, messy haired Josuke is always my fav hairstyle.

I wonder if that was the reason behind naming his own stand “The World”.
First time drawing the 14 years old Dio Brando.
-Photo by phone.

I need to use watercolors more
-photo by phone.

Take me to the beach

Horror movie night.

Someone tagged my previous post with “Pray for more Jolyne/giorno/josuke” so here you go!

latest jojo twitter and drawr sketches! I drew the Bruno one so fast for gyodragon and the last Jotaro one is based on a costume I found in twitter (you can check it here if you want)

I’ve been practicing more lately, I want to improve faster *O*//


please don’t remove my credit! see ya later!

latest drawr/paintchat sketches

playing around with paint tool sai and things turned out like this, I’m still a noob with using it

Something I did for my friend’s BD the other day, for the lovely ayaalhajri!

take out my credit and I’ll hunt you down

latest jojo arts from my twitter and instagram

Posting my arts here
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